Hydrate Management with MEG

Under-inhibited systems are those where the quantity of MEG injected is below the threshold to place the pipeline outside of the hydrate equilibrium region. This operational style has been shown to be viable in avoiding blockages in a number of existing developments, and relies on managing limited hydrate formation by carefully controlling the flowrates of MEG and production fluids. As part of this project, we aim to deliver a comprehensive suite of experimental work to assist in identifying the applicability of under-inhibition, this will include:

  • 60 sapphire autoclave measurements of hydrate growth in oil / water systems containing MEG
  • 20 + flowloop data sets for hydrate growth in gas systems containing MEG

Combined with our other modelling efforts, these will allow us to update hydrate growth rate equations as a function of MEG content, improving predicting capabilities in this space, and, ultimately, a stoplight-based model for shear stress conditions under which hydrates may deposit and aggregate.

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