The Centre for Long Subsea Tiebacks is engaged with 12 major research projects under two broad themes

Theme #2 MEG Reduction

Current use of thermodynamic inhibitors to prevent hydrate formation may be unsustainable in the cost environment of long tiebacks. This theme focuses on increasing confidence in predicting equilibrium conditions, with the goal of cutting unnecessary margins. Further work is being undertaken to understand the fundamentals of when and how much MEG is actually required to safely operate a subsea flowline.

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Theme #1 Improving Long Subsea Tieback Integrity

Build confidence in the use of long subsea tiebacks for oil (100 – 150 km) and gas (160 – 300 km) through a combination of experimental and modelling techniques. This encompasses a set of projects around improving our understanding of which materials can be successfully deployed and new sensing techniques to monitor and diagnose potential hazards.

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